Wilson A900 vs A1000

Wilson A900 VS A1000 – Comprehensive Guide

Selecting the right baseball gloves is one of the most challenging tasks to do. Especially, when there’s a wide variety of baseball gloves with almost similar features. Deciding which one to go for can be confusing. Isn’t it? The same is the case with Wilson A900 vs A1000. 

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Features such as glove design, webbing size, affordability, break-in time, and quality of leather, are a few main differences between both gloves. Whereas, there are a few similar features as well. 

I compiled this Wilson review article to help youth players in selecting the right glove for their important games. Let’s get deep in the Wilson glove review.

Difference between Wilson A900 Vs A1000

Design and Color

Let’s talk about the Wilson A1000 youth glove first, the company provides these baseball gloves offering different colors and themes. You can choose according to your taste and liking. There are a few colors to choose from such as black/gray, black/white, gray/white, and gray as well. 

When it comes to Wilson a900 gloves, it comes with a few color themes which include black and dark brown/white. Let’s discuss the design of both gloves. The gloves are designed in a way that will protect your hand from getting shocks while catching the ball, all thanks to the dual palm guard design. Also, the gloves won’t let the ball slip off from the hand while keeping the hand stable.

Break-in Time

Both gloves require break-in right out of the box but there’s a difference between timing. The Wilson a1000 gloves come stiff as they are made of stiff full-grain leather. 

So they need to break in to make them perfect for baseball games. You need to wait for some time to make them suitable and enjoy their benefits to the fullest. 

Break-in Time

Again, the Wilson A900 also needs to break in but you don’t need much time for this process. This model of Wilson gloves is made of regular leather which isn’t that stiff. Additionally, if you’re new to the baseball world and don’t know much about the gloves break-in process, here’s the article you must read before starting the break-in process.


You must understand that checking the web pattern is as important as other features. It explains the catching of the ball in different spots. So, both gloves offer different webbing according to the location of the players.

The Wilson A900 offers a standard H-web pattern for 11.5″ infielders gloves. This pattern helps the player to throw the ball as fast as possible. On the other hand, a single post web pattern comes in 12.5″ quarterback gloves. In addition to that, the web platter of catcher’s gloves makes a half moon.

The same is the case with the Wilson a1000. There are different web patterns on Wilson a1000 for different locations. For instance, midfielder’s gloves mostly have a T-post pattern and some have an H-web pattern as well. Furthermore, the mesh pattern includes dual post, 3 single bar post, victory, a two-piece web, and a few more.

Material Quality

Well, both the gloves are made of different materials. There’s a huge difference between the quantity of both types of gloves. Wilson A1000 baseball glove is made of high-quality black blond full grain cowhide leather which is extremely durable, resilient, and offers ultimate longevity.

Material Quality

Whereas, the Wilson A900 youth glove is made of regular leather which is not as durable as A1000 one. But you can certainly get the most out of it. As the company did an amazing job in making this glove great for important matches. I used both of them and both gave outstanding performances.


It’s quite obvious that Wilson A1000 cost more than Wilson A900 as the former offer more features and durability as compared to the latter one. Both are great according to the price. So, it depends on you to choose the right one for you. Both options are cost-effective and provide decent value  

Size of Gloves

When it comes to sizing, both gloves offer different sizing for certain positions. Wilson A1000 offers gloves for smaller hands named Pedroia Fit which range from 11.5 to 12.5 inches. Moreover, these Gloves also offer gloves for the catcher position.

From smaller hands to big hands, from infielder to catcher’s mitts, every size is available in A900 as well. Make sure you’re going with the right size otherwise, you’ll end up getting the ill-fitted one.

Wilson A900

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of the Wilson A900.


  • Durable, resilient, and comfortable construction of gloves with full regular leather.
  • Doesn’t need to maximize time to break in.
  • Gloves are available for small to big hands.
  • You’ll get ultimate protection as it offers double-palm protection.
  • Fewer to no injuries happen as it perfectly absorbs maximum shocks.
  • The material of the glove is easy to clean.
  • This model is easy on the pocket and less expensive.


  • Not great for extremely big hands.
  • You won’t get high-end performance.
  • Can’t be used right from the box, need to break in.

Wilson A1000

This section is about the benefits and some disadvantages of A1000:


  • Premium quality full-grain leather is all about performance and longevity.
  • Lightweight construction that allows fast throw of the ball.
  • Different sizes are available.
  • Material is outstanding and can last for 4-5 years.
  • You can achieve 100% performance out of this model.
  • Quick ball throwing and catching are possible due to the H-web pattern.
  • Sturdy stitched padding and dual wrestling make the gloves comfortable.


  • You must break in these gloves to make them ready for matches.
  • You’ll need approx. two weeks to use them to their full potential.
  • A bit on the pricey side as compared to an a900.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few differences between Wilson a900 vs a1000. But the main difference is the material of both gloves. As I mentioned earlier, the a1000 is made of premium quality leather as compared to the a900.

Well, that certainly depends on your baseball skills. If you’re new to baseball, you should consider getting a900 as it’ll help you achieve good technique. But if you’re on a good level of baseball, then a1000 is a great option for you.

Yes, the Wilson a1000 is made of premium quality leather that doesn’t only long-lasting but also resilient and premium quality.


Getting the right kind of baseball gloves helps you in achieving a great skill set at a younger age. On the other hand, if you don’t have the perfectly suited glove according to your position, you can end up losing the game. So you should never neglect the significance of the right gloves. 

A lot of younger baseball players don’t know much about the main difference between Wilson a900 and a1000. This makes them bewildered about which one to go with. But I hope this detailed article helped you understand the difference between the Wilson a900 and a1000.

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