Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? Reasons To Know

Don’t tell me you have never noticed baseball players wearing chains around their necks. Have you? I know you must have because it’s almost impossible to not notice huge gold and silver chains while enjoying a baseball game. The question is why do baseball players wear chains? Let’s find that out.

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Wearing big chains is surely a strange and unusual tradition that a lot of baseball players follow. But why is that so? Most baseball players wear huge chains for a better appearance. Additionally, a lot of players wear chains for religious purposes and confidence-boosting as well.

You must be looking for a logical explanation for why baseball players wear necklaces. That’s why you’re reading this post. Stick by us to the end and get to know the detailed answer and some incidents regarding necklaces or chains.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains?

Watching baseball players flaunt and kiss during the game can make the audience wonder in so many ways. It’s quite normal to ponder what is the relationship between baseball and jewelry. 

Stop wondering because this section is all about clearing your doubts and explaining logical reasons.

Confidence Boost

It’s a common belief among baseball players that wearing a chain boosts their overall confidence. Eventually, this helps them hit home runs and smash the opposing team. 

There have been a lot of baseball players in the past who claimed that wearing a certain kind of jewelry or chain has helped them with confidence.

Religious Purposes

Ever seen a player wearing a chain with a cross sign? Most of the players wear a chain with a cross sign hanging just because of religious purposes. Sometimes they kiss the cross sign out of happiness and joy. 

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? - Religious Purposes

Furthermore, such chains also have a spiritual significance to a lot of players. Spirituality and respect are two other reasons for wearing chains with crosses on the field. Besides that, this makes them feel connected to religion and faith. This means that most baseball players are deeply attached to their religion and faith.

Better Performance

Do you know about the Phiten necklace craze among baseball players? Phiten necklaces are considered a lucky and must-have accessory for a lot of players. They claim that it helps them play better and be more confident on the field. 

Other than Phiten necklaces, nylon-coated titanium-infused necklaces are likewise considered great for better performance and maximizing strength.

Looks Stylish

Besides the above-mentioned reasons, looking stylish is one of the reasons for wearing huge gold or silver chains. Everybody wants to look super dashing and stylish. So, why not athletes? Plenty of baseball athletes wear a chain or huge necklaces to only look attractive. 

Wearing a gold-plated chain has become a tradition in the baseball world. Baseball provides better and more extensive opportunities to earn decent money. So, they certainly can afford chains made of gold and even with attached diamonds.

There are bold baseball players who have admitted that wearing chains makes them look stylish and confident.

Types of Chain Baseball Players Wear

Phiten Chains

Even got fascinated by twisted rope chains? That’s the Phiten Chain. So many of the players wear twisted rope and huge Phiten Jewelry. It’s surely a unique and unusual kind of jewelry. 

These chains are infused with an active substance,  Aqua-Titanium to make the chain even more attractive. This kind of jewelry is supposed to make players aggressive on the field.

Gold-Plated Chains

Gold-plated chains are must-have jewelry for the player who wants to look stylish. Such necklaces come with interwoven designs that make them eye-catching. 

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? - Gold-Plated Chains

However, such huge chains can restrict the movement of players. As they can come in the way of the player while running and fielding. It’s better to go with a lightweight chain as it offers comfort and convenience.

Chains with Cross

Cross chains or necklaces are associated with religion and spirituality. Religious and sentimental players often wear chains with crosses. Nevertheless, such chains are comparatively smaller yet heavier. 

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? - Chains with Cross

It’s recommended to be extra careful with such chains as it’s possible to get stabbed when infielders and outfielders lie on their stomachs during fielding.

Gold Chains

A gold chain is always in trend so it’s certainly the safest option for every player out there. The gold chain gives a sophisticated yet decent look to players. Going for real gold is a great idea if you can afford it. Most baseball players opt for gold chains for better looks and enhanced performance.

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Chains? - Gold Chains

Incidents Related To Jewelry

Talking about incidents, there have been a lot of incidents in the baseball world where players’ chains got broken. Even such incidents interrupted the game in most cases. We are about to share one or two incidents in this section.

  • In 2018, Yoenis Cespedes slipped while fielding and broke his expensive necklace full of diamonds. All the diamonds got scattered on the Citi field. After that, he took the help of others to find all the diamonds. Must be embarrassing and messy!
  • Another incident happened to Astrose Lance McCullers at New York Yankees Stadium during an American League Champion. All of the attached diamonds got scattered around the stadium. That was quite a mess!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they do. Major League Baseball never made any rule against wearing chains or jewelry. Professional MLB players do wear chains. But there is an exception everybody should know about. But the reflection of light off the chain can cause issues in a lot of MLB games.

NBA doesn’t allow wearing huge chains or necklaces as it can cause severe injury to basketball players. Talking about NFL rules and regulations, players can wear chains or other jewelry however they like unless there’s no hard object attached to a chain.

Yes. Mookie Betts is one of the popular baseball players who always wear a chain or necklace. Fans also gift him necklaces after the games. He never take necklace off because according to him, he likes wearing them.

Most of the players are seen wearing gold necklaces while playing. Other than this, plenty of baseball athletes like wearing a chain with the cross sign as well. Both styles are player’s favorites.

George Scott started the trend of wearing necklaces. He was known as A True Chain Gang Pioneer. Not to forget, back in the 1970s, he used to wear shnecklaceslace during a game.


Wearing a chain or jewelry isn’t a new tradition followed by baseball players. But reasons for wearing jewelry can be different for players. Why do baseball players wear chains? What are the main reasons? 

The most player thinks that wearing jewelry help them boost their confidence and energy on the field. Other than that, religion and strong faith make players wear religious jewelry, especially with a cross sign. Furthermore, baseball players believe that the addition of chains makes their look stand out.

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