Stitches are on a baseball

How Many Stitches are on a Baseball?

When I was younger, I used to count the stitches on a baseball. It has always fascinated me because baseball looked super cool. Isn’t it? It’s normal to wonder about these red stitches on the baseball. No doubt, these red stitches make the baseball even more attractive to the eyes. For the sake of discussion, how many stitches are on a baseball? Let’s find out.

The straightforward answer would be: a baseball has 216 stitches that cover the seam. Also, the waxy red thread is used to get the ball stitched. There’s so much more to know about baseball stitching. This blog post is going to provide you with detailed information about baseball stitching and so much more. Let’s deep dive into the topic without further ado.

How Many Stitches Are on a Baseball?

An official major league baseball has a total of 216 stitches that cover the seam of the ball. You must remember that the first and last stitches are always hidden and you can’t see them on the ball. Additionally, the baseball has an 8-figure pattern that covers pieces of cowhide material. These pieces get sewn together and then the ball is passed into the trolling machine for further procedure.

Material of Baseball

To put it simply, an official league baseball has three basic parts. These parts are the following: the core, midsection, and exterior. The rubber core section has a red rubber covering and the center is cushioned with cork. Coming to the second and midsection of the baseball, this section is covered with cowhide leather with 8 figure pattern. The final section is the outer layer where red thread stitching makes it look captivating. All the parts of a ball make the ball resilient and perfect for baseball games.

History of Baseball

Let’s take you to the history and evolution of baseball. Back in the 1800s, there was no standard size and regulations for baseball size, weight, and shape. Furthermore, no rules and standards were announced till 1876. After that, players started using one standard size for playing all kinds of games. 

Stitches are on a baseball

Who was manufacturing baseballs in the past? Here’s the answer. Until 1976, A.G. Spalding used to manufacture baseball as they convinced Professional Baseball Clubs to give their balls a chance, according to Smithsonian Magazine. Later, they became the official baseball manufacturer. Then, baseball manufacturing responsibility shifted from Spalding to Rawlings. Another thing to mention is that they used horsehide to make baseball till 1974.

Why Is Stitching of Baseball Important?

Can I use baseball without stitching? Why is baseball stitching so important? Well, there are a few valid reasons for baseball stitching. Let’s look at those.

  • Controlling the speed of baseball is one of the main reasons for baseball stitching. Stitching is a great help for pitchers to control the speed of the ball. No stitching on the ball would have made the game difficult for pitchers.
  • Stitching makes ball-holding easier than ever. The maximum the stitching are, the better the gripping is. So, the ball won’t slip out of hand while playing.
  • Additionally, the stitching of the ball keeps all three layers connected which help in making the ball a complete unit.
  • Last but not least, stitching will make the swing of the ball better. The orientation of the ball can change after stitching. This makes the ball great for baseball games.

Why Is Stitching of Baseball Red?

An official major league baseball or MBL has two contrasting colors: red and white. Both colors participate in making the ball captivating. Does the red color of the stitching have any other purpose? Yes, it does. The red stitching allows the batter to identify the spin and orientation of the ball. The coloring scheme of the ball has a great role in the baseball game. Hitters would have never guessed or identified the direction of the ball if there was no contrasting color scheme.

Why Is Stitching of Baseball Red?

Frequently Asked Question

Softball also has stitches but is fewer than baseball. Softball has a total of 88 stitches on a ball.

Rawling is a baseball manufacturing company who’s been delivering major league baseball since 1976 till now. But other brands manufacture premium quality baseballs such as Easton, Wilson, and more.

Yes, MLB has certain standards for all of baseball. The number of stitches is one of them. That’s why all baseball has 108 double stitches of red thread. This means that all balls have 216 stitches in total.

Yes, it’s. Red stitches allow the hitter to identify the spin and direction of the ball. Also, it makes the baseball captivating and attractive looking.

Cowhide leather is the material that has been a top priority of baseball manufacturing companies. Cowhide is one of the most sturdy and resilient materials for baseball.


It’s great to get the required understanding of baseball stitching and other details. We went to great lengths to make you aware of important elements. Baseball is one of the most important parts of baseball games. Having a perfectly stitched and well-constructed baseball helps in a baseball game. We hope this blog post has helped understand if you even tried to count the stitches on the ball. Being a baseball player, the urge to ask a lot of questions about baseball is real.

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