Smash it 7 bat review

Smash It 7 Bat Review – Comprehensive Guide

Do you avoid composite baseball bats? If so then you need to try this Smash It 7 bat and it’ll change your perception about composite bats. This blog post is going to give you a detailed smash it 7 Bat review. 

During my initial baseball months, I used to not like composite bats as they need a lot of care and need to break incorrectly. But one fine day, one of my teammates wanted me to try his favorite baseball bat which was a composite Bat. Honestly, I loved holding it and smashing hits with it. After that, I bought the same bat and used it for quite some time. Never thought I would enjoy a composite bat this much. 

I bought this specific composite bat and tried it for a month and came up with a review for you. That’s why I wanted every young player to at least use Smash It 7 bats once and they are gonna love it for sure. Anyways, let’s jump into a deep analysis of Smash It 7 bat review.

Smash It 7 Bat Review

Best Overall Bat
Smash it 7 bat

Product Features

  • Bat Type: 2-piece
  • USSSA Approved: Yes
  • Material: Composite
  • Balance: End Loaded
  • Break in: Necessary
  • Handle: 20 inch

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Things to Check in Smash it 7 bats

Durable Composite Material

The long-lasting composite material of the Smash It 7 bat makes it alive for the longest time. You can take terrific benefits out of it by taking care of it. Also, the composite is lightweight material as well as resilient. 

The bat is constructed using a composite material, which combines different materials like carbon fiber and resin. This results in a lightweight, durable, and strong bat. The composite structure optimizes energy transfer upon contact while enhancing the bat’s overall effectiveness.

Flexible Sweet Spot

The Smash It 7 bat offers an extended sweet spot, meaning that a larger area of the barrel becomes effective for hitting. Isn’t it great? 

This helps to maximize the chance of solid contact with the ball, increasing the probability of powerful hits and minimizing the impact of mishits.

Across the board, the 14 inches long barrel provides a flexible sweet spot, helping players improve their hitting performance. Additionally, it offers greater consistency in the outcomes of their swings.

End Loaded Bat

The “end load” feature in the Smash It 7 bat means that the distribution of weight is more towards the end of the bat barrel. This design choice creates a bat with what is commonly referred to as an “end-loaded” feel.

Surprisingly, an end-loaded bat can also lead to increased bat speed. The sensation of the heavier barrel can prompt a player to swing harder. Moreover, the additional momentum can result in a faster swing speed, improving the potential power of their hits.

However, it’s important to note that an end-loaded bat might not be ideal for all players. It requires a certain level of strength and technique to handle the added weight at the end of the bat effectively. 

Players who prefer a balanced bat or those seeking better bat control might find an end-loaded bat less suitable for their playing style. So it’s better to not go for a Smash It 7 baseball bat.

2 Piece Bat Design

The bat employs a two-piece design, consisting of a separate handle and barrel that are bonded together. This design dampens vibrations when in contact with the ball. Also, it helps in reducing the discomfort felt by the player’s hands and arms during hits. 

Additionally, the two-piece construction can contribute to better energy transfer and enhanced trampoline effect, which means it provides powerful hits. I genuinely loved the feel of it when the ball hit the barrel.

Collectively, these features make the Smash It 7 Baseball Bat a high-performance tool that caters to players looking for a bat that combines a responsive sweet spot, a balanced feel, and advanced materials to elevate their hitting game.


  • Terrific grip power.
  • Less to no vibration feel.
  • Extended sweet spot.
  • Comparatively lesser sting.
  • Amazing swing and speed.
  • USSSA approved.


  • Not suitable for automatic machines.
  • You have to attain maximum speed as compared to force.

How to Break in Smash It 7 Bat? A Correct Way

Breaking in the composite baseball bat might be a challenging task for a lot of young players but this guide is all you need. Here you go.

  • Start by checking the manufacturer’s instructions that accompany the bat. Some manufacturers might provide specific instructions or recommendations for breaking in their composite bats.
  • Begin by hitting softer practice balls, like rubber batting cage balls or plastic training balls. These balls are less dense and won’t put as much stress on the bat’s composite fibers as regular baseballs would.
  • Gradually increase the intensity of your hits. Start with lighter swings and gradually work your way up to full swings as the bat begins to show signs of responsiveness.
  • Have several hitting sessions with the practice balls over a few days or weeks. The goal is to allow the composite fibers to gradually loosen up and become more flexible.
  • Once you feel that the bat is starting to break in and become more responsive, you can gradually transition to hitting regular baseballs during your practice sessions.
  • Even after the initial break-in period, continue using the bat regularly to maintain its optimal performance. Composite bats can benefit from ongoing use and proper care.
  • Pro Tip

During the break-in process, it’s a good idea to rotate the bat after every few hits. This helps ensure that the entire barrel gets evenly broken in.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s not recommended to play with a cracked bat, as it can affect performance and safety. Cracks may cause the bat to break further during use.

The number of hits needed to break in a composite bat varies. Generally, it takes around 150-200 hits to fully break in a composite bat and maximize its performance.

Yes, the Smash It 7 Baseball Bat is often regarded as suitable for youth players due to its balanced design and technology that aids in maximizing hitting power.

When you test a composite bat with a ball, you can quickly tell if it’s cracked. Likewise, you can tell if the bat is safe to use by checking for damages in the barrel and how much play it has left if you check for cracks.

A composite bat will last around 1-2 years if it is well taken care of and not used by multiple players, but it is best to replace a bat when it’s not performing up to expectations.


In conclusion, after thoroughly reviewing the Smash It 7 baseball bat, I’m impressed by its exceptional features and performance. The bat’s innovative technology, including its composite construction and precision-engineered barrel, undoubtedly contribute to its standout qualities. 

All in all, the Smash It 7 baseball bat stands as a compelling choice for players looking to elevate their game. Its blend of technology-driven features, balanced design, and impressive performance make it a strong contender in the realm of baseball bats. As a player seeking a bat that offers power, precision, and potential, Smash It 7 certainly warrants serious consideration.

I hope you understood every aspect of Smash It 7 Bat. It’s easier to make a decision when you have every single feature in mind. I always recommend this composite bat to most of my intermediate-level players to get their game to the next level. Now, I’ll recommend this Smash It 7 Bat Review after suggesting this bat.

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