Shoeless jane gloves review

Shoeless Jane Gloves Review – Detail Guide

Have you heard about the shoeless brand? If you call yourself a true baseball player, you must know about it. I have been using it for two weeks and I’m able to talk about it. That’s why here’s the detailed shoeless jane gloves review. 

As the name suggests, the shoeless baseball gloves are designed in such a way that you won’t feel like wearing them. Also, they are perfect for catching and throwing. I’m certainly impressed by the features and overall feel of these gloves. Let’s go a little deeper in this scoreless gloves review.

Key Features of Shoeless Jane Baseball Gloves

Here are generalized key features of any shoeless Jane baseball gloves. Let’s have a look at them quickly.

Shoeless Jane Gloves Review - Detail Guide


Shoeless Jane gloves are known for their exceptional performance on the baseball field. The key highlight is the “shoeless” design, which means they are designed to provide a barehand feel, allowing players to maximize their control and feel for the ball. This unique feature makes them a favorite among infielders and pitchers.

The gloves are made from high-quality leather, which not only offers durability but also enhances the grip and feel when catching or fielding the ball. The leather is designed to break in quickly, reducing the time required to achieve the perfect fit and feel for the player.


Shoeless Jane gloves are crafted with a minimalist and classic design. They have a timeless appeal with their simple and clean aesthetics. The absence of excessive branding or flashy graphics makes them a favorite among players who appreciate a more traditional look.

The gloves feature a unique lacing pattern that not only adds to their distinct appearance but also contributes to the overall performance by ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The design also includes strategically placed padding to protect the player’s hand without compromising on the glove’s flexibility.


The construction of Shoeless Jane gloves is top-notch. They are handcrafted with precision and attention to detail. The use of high-quality leather ensures durability, and the stitching is done meticulously to prevent any premature wear and tear.

One of the standout features of the construction is the well-padded palm and fingers. This padding not only offers excellent protection but also enhances the glove’s overall comfort. The craftsmanship is evident in every aspect, from the reinforced thumb to the snug wrist closure.


  • Better grip and enhanced flexibility.
  • Help in better movements around the field.
  • Great for catching the ball.
  • Allow the player to move better than ever.


  • Fingers might feel bigger to young players.

Shoeless Jane Gloves Review

Shoeless Joe Gloves Fastpitch Basket Weave Web Brown Gloves

The Shoeless Joe Gloves Fastpitch Basket Weave Web Brown Glove is one of my ultimate favorite gloves right now as it offers high-quality material and extraordinary performance.

Additionally, these shoeless gloves are a delightful blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality. Crafted from high-quality antique tobacco leather, these gloves exude a timeless charm that’s hard to resist and impossible to tear.

Best Washable
Shoeless Joe Gloves Fastpitch Basket Weave Web Brown Gloves

Product Features

  • Durability: 8/10
  • Performance: 9/10
  • Easy to use: 8/10
  • Longevity: 7/10

The leather feels supple yet sturdy, striking a perfect balance between comfort and resilience. Also, these gloves come ready to use and there’s no need to break them in. Basket weave webbing design is another noteworthy aspect. It not only enhances the glove’s visual appeal but also serves a practical purpose in fastpitch softball. 

The basket weave web pattern provides excellent control and grip, making those crucial catches and throws feel more natural. You certainly don’t need to worry about getting them dirty and smelly as they can be easily washed in a machine. Using these gloves in a practice session opens a lot of great things about them.


  • Machine washable.
  • 100% made of antique tobacco leather.
  • You’ll get better ball control.
  • Can be used in cricket and other sport as well.
  • They are easy to adjust and comfortable to wear.
  • Gives confidence to players as they fit perfectly.


  • A lot of my students complain that they don’t offer absolute protection.
  • They are on the pricey side and a lot of people can’t afford them.

Shoeless Joe 11 ¾” H-web Baseball Glove

How can i not mention this H-web baseball gloves in my list of shoeless jane gloves review? You must have heard about these Shoeless Joe 11 ¾” H-web baseball gloves. I got this glove as soon as I heard about them. I wanted to test them out and check all the amazing features it offers. The gloves provide great grip as it has an H-web design and it’s made of resilient cowhide leather.

Best Flexible
Shoeless Joe 11 ¾ H-web Baseball Glove

Product Features

  • Durability: 7/10
  • Performance: 8/10
  • Easy to use: 7/10
  • Longevity: 6/10

These shoeless Joe baseball gloves are treated with special oil which allows them to be water-resistant. This helps break them in quickly. Other than that, these shoeless gloves are available for right-handed and left-handed players as well. 

The premium quality material of the gloves and H-web design make these gloves perfect for stability and durability. Additionally, a padded thumb slot and Velcro strap for snug fitting are two of my favorite features of this scoreless baseball mitts.


  • Resilient and provide longevity.
  • Made of superior quality material.
  • Amazing flexibility and stability.
  • Can be worn easily.


  • Can be floppy sometimes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, scoreless Joe gloves are certainly a great option if you’re just starting and struggling in your game. Not only that, these shoes are equally great for experienced players and players who are recovering from injury.

The most common and standard sizes of baseball gloves are 11.25-12″ and 11.5-12.5 for softball.

Baseball gloves shouldn’t be too tight and too loose around fingers and palms. It should fit snugly and perfectly without feeling suffocated.

There are many methods to break in a baseball glove. One of the best methods to break in stiff baseball gloves is catching the balls with them. Also, you can use hot water on stiff areas to make them softer and more usable.

  • Must keep your gloves in a dry and cold area.
  • Never use harsh chemicals on them.
  • Always wipe them down with a clean soft cloth after every use.
  • Avoid keeping them under direct sunlight
  • Always air-dry your gloves. Avoid using a dryer.
  • Use leather conditioner or oil after each session.

Yes, steaming a baseball is completely fine and a lot of players practice this method to soften them. Keep in mind that steaming can affect the durability of the gloves.


In conclusion, Shoeless Jane gloves are a fantastic choice for baseball players looking for a glove that combines outstanding performance, classic design, and impeccable construction. The shoeless design provides an unmatched feel for the ball, while the quality materials and craftsmanship ensure long-lasting durability. 

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, these gloves are worth considering for your baseball gear collection. You can choose any shoeless baseball mitts that suit your needs and affordability. I hope this shoeless jane gloves review has helped you in your decision.

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