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Louisville Blue Flame vs Black Flame – Who Throws Better Pitches?

If you wish to improve your hitting skills and have excellent body and eye control, you need a good pitching machine to help you ace your live play. Indeed, your partners can be helpful in practice sessions, but they won’t be consistent with their speed and eventually will get tired; hence, to be your permanent buddy, a good pitcher is necessary. 

How about a machine with a good hitting speed, unwavering pitching style, and worth the price? Since you are reading this article, it means you have decided to purchase a pitching machine to make your batting the best.

Let’s compare the two most popularly used machines, which Louisville Slugger, a well-known name, manufactures. Let’s see what they’ve got for you: Louisville blue Flame and black Flame pitching machines, which are used by professionals to enhance their muscle memory and hand-eye coordination.

Louisville Blue Flame Pitching Machine

Various baseball leagues, like Pony Baseball and Babe Ruth, use Blue Flame. Following its use for practicing purposes, it is used for official games, too. Due to its grip, good control, and sturdiness, it’s undoubtedly one of the best-manufactured machines. Along with its fast average speed, which can go as slow as 18 mph and as fast as 45 mph, if you wish, you can use it for both slow and fast throw training sessions. 

Blue Flame
Louisville blue flame pitching machine

Product Features

  • Manual use
  • No electrical supply
  • Throws a variety of balls
  • Distance customization
  • Adjustable speed
  • High speed 45 mph
  • Portable
  • Easily transportable
  • Adjustable speed
  • Durable
  • Made up of aluminum and steel
  • Do you know?

Not only does it help baseball pitchers gear up their game, but coaches also like to use the Louisville Blue Flame pitching machine to improve and have good batting practice. Besides this, it can throw a variety of balls like real baseballs, fly balls, hard ground balls, plastic balls, and softballs to make it tough for practitioners so that they can prepare well for real battles. 

It requires manual labour, making it convenient and not electrical battery-based. The play quality could be better whether you use it on the pitch or at home. Since it’s very easy to manage and handle, even if it is an official pitching machine, you can handle it well and if it will be up to your calibre. 

This machine is long-lasting, has 18 to 45-mph consistency, and can throw up to 12 inches of softballs. In addition, its throwing distance is 35 feet minimum, and you can customize it to the maximum according to your desire. 

Louisville Blue Flame


Purchasing this won’t be a regret for you since it’s:

  • Easy to maintain and take care of/ not high maintenance as it only requires a little attention.
  • 60 days warranty.
  • Good performance.
  • Compact Equipment.
  • Accurate pitching.
  • Consistent and convenient.
  • Used for softball and baseball.
  • Lightweight.


  • Limited Pitch.
  • Not suitable for players who prefer faster pitches.
  • Cannot throw higher fly balls.

Players love Blue Flame because it gives players an enjoyable experience, and they prefer using it again and for a long time, too. Indeed, it requires some improvements, but people aged 12 to 35 love having Blue Flame by their side since it is useful and worth the money.

Louisville Black Flame Pitching Machine

A black flame is a machine that can throw different balls, from tennis to softball, groundball, flyball, cricket to baseball, and any ball the bat can hit. It is a multipurpose machine available in 2 different sizes and is portable with its 24lb weight. 

The speed is 18 mph minimum and goes up to 50 mph. This machine can throw any ball, and baseball, cricket, softball, tennis, etc. players love it. Athletes and coaches both appreciate this machine for its accuracy, along with its portability.

Black Flame
Louisville black flame pitching machine

Product Features

  • Easy to use
  • Portable and can be carried anywhere
  • Good for indoor and outdoor games
  • Can throw all bat-hitting balls
  • Avoids injuries
  • Consistent
  • Accurate
  • Helps improve muscle memory
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Good for both pros and freshers
  • Good performance in terms of pitching at high speed
  • Can also throw high balls well
  • Has arm attachments
  • Pro Tip

Perfect pitches every time is its biggest quality, which is almost impossible for most default-setting machines. Through this, it has set the bar high for similar-purpose machines. It requires no special battery and is good for outdoor and indoor games.

Moreover, black Flame is ideal for newbies just starting baseball and can be equally useful for professionals. With its unwavering pitching quality, it also lasts for a long time. 

Louisville Black Flame


  • Adjustable speed from 18 mph to 50 mph.
  • 24 lbs weight, which is easy to carry anywhere.
  • Manageable.
  • Durable.
  • Made of aluminum, it is strong and can last long.
  • Can throw a variety of balls.
  • Warranty of 60 days.


  • Variety of balls restricted to curveballs and fastballs.
  • Range is limited.
  • Not suitable for fat pitch players.

Black Flame is appreciated by lots, and with its multiple features and good qualities, it is highly popular, but is it good enough for you to purchase? You can decide on that after looking at the differences and similarities between both products.

Louisville Blue Flame vs Black Flame – Similarities and Differences

Visibly, the colour of blue Flame and black Flame is the only thing different, and their being pitching machines is the only similarity, but the list goes on. Let’s discuss them and then discuss which is far better than the other one.


  • Both are good for training sessions.
  • Portable.
  • Can be easily carried.
  • Manual job required.
  • No battery use is required.
  • Can throw perfect pitches.
  • Can be easily built concerning its equipment.


  • Blue Flame’s max speed is 45 mph, and black Flame’s is 50 mph.
  • Black Flame is 24 pounds, whereas blue Flame is 25 pounds.
  • There is No arm attachment for blue Flame, but the black Flame has it.
  • Difference in design and color.
  • Black Flame is more expensive than blue Flame.
  • Blue Flame got released first, then came Black Flame.

Which One can be Your Buddy While You Play Alone?

These products have pros and cons, they have their own specialities too. If black Flame is expensive, it also has arm attachments and other features. And suppose Blue Flame has a few features in comparison to the latter. In that case, it works effectively and throws a variety of balls.

Despite being slower than black Flame, it is equally preferred and bought in bulk by different sports leagues. Nevertheless, if you buy any of them, you won’t regret your choice because Louisville Slugger has made efforts to make both products in demand and for all the right reasons.

These two have it all, from throwing different types of balls to being manageable, portable, and feasible to be good at throwing balls, pitching, etc. Deciding on one will be troublesome for you. Still, focusing on their features can be worth investing your time and energy in. 

Lastly, knowing the facts and history of both products, all you have to do is decide on your purchase and its budget, and instead of thinking about what ifs with just one click, get your desired product as quickly as possible.


Even though you have your friends and trainers who can be your pitchers, slowly, their pace will fade. You will opt for a consistent and accurate machine that is good at throwing and can easily go anywhere with you. You can use a pitching machine like Louisville Blue Flame or black Flame even late at night without worrying about someone being there for you all the time. 

Although you use different products and end up selecting one of them, you eventually find some cliches in both. Still, these products are equally effective and choosing one depends on your requirements, budget, priority and need, so exhausting yourself thinking about which one you should purchase as you’ll have many queries because following the different features of these two products, they have many similarities.

It will take a lot of work to decide on one product, but this article can be useful in terms of making things clear about these products near you. Hopefully, you’ll decide on any of these by the end of reading this. You’ll be appreciated for that, as both are very competitive and worth the hype.

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