How to use vaseline on a baseball glove

How to Use Vaseline on a Baseball Glove? Answer Revealed

Vaseline and baseball gloves? Is there any relation between Vaseline and gloves? Yes, there is. Vaseline can be used to break in baseball gloves. You must be wondering about how to use Vaseline on a baseball gloves. No need to look around for expensive conditioner or baseball oils. This article is going to help you break in your brand-new baseball gloves.

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A lot of young baseball players don’t know about this hack like I used to be unaware of during my initial baseball days. But I found using Vaseline on baseball gloves one of the beneficial hacks as it makes the gloves easy to handle and softer than ever.

So, this blog post is going to save money as it has all the information you need to know about Vaseline and baseball gloves. So let’s get into it.

Is Vaseline Safe for Baseball Gloves?

Well, Vaseline does wonders for a stiff baseball glove but is it 100% safe to use on gloves? You need to know about everything Vaseline does to your glove. Is it dangerous? Does it have any toxic ingredients? This section will clear your doubts.

How to Use Vaseline on a Baseball Glove

Yes, petroleum jelly is completely safe for baseball gloves. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that might have a chance to damage the material of baseball gloves. Instead, it has a lot of nourishing old and moisturizers that will help you break in the gives in the best way possible. Additionally, it keeps the leather soft and protected during baseball seasons.

Benefits of Using Vaseline on Baseball Gloves

Following is a set of benefits of applying Vaseline on baseball gloves:

  • It helps break in the baseball gloves without spending any money.
  • Also, it’s proven to be a great moisturizer that helps in reshaping the gloves.
  • You can easily soften the high-end stiff material gloves.
  • Last but not least, it keeps the material protected and safe from the weather.

Not only Vaseline but you can also use other natural conditioners such as beeswax or a few oils to break in the baseball gloves. No matter what you’re using on your gloves, it’s better to use a small quantity of conditioner and slowly work around the glove. Getting a small quantity helps you get the maximum benefits.

How to Use Vaseline on a Baseball Gloves

There’s no hard and fast rule of the procedure of using Vaseline on baseball gloves. You can use petroleum jelly on gloves according to your liking. It can be used at the start of the season or the end of the season as well. But here’s the procedure to use Vaseline on baseball gloves.

  • First of all, take a small quantity of Vaseline on cotton pieces or your fingers. Now apply it on the palm of the glove in circular motions.
  • Make sure you’re not applying too much force on the glove.
  • Cover the complete surface of the glove with Vaseline.
  • You can use more Vaseline in areas where it is needed.
  • Make sure you’re applying enough quantity. It shouldn’t be too much or too little.
  • Furthermore, you can apply Vaseline whenever you feel that your glove is getting dry and out of shape.

Precautions While using Vaseline on Baseball Gloves

Following are a few precautions you should keep in mind while applying Vaseline on your stiff baseball gloves

  • Never use Vaseline under direct sunlight as it’s going to harm the material of the glove.
  • Make sure you’re keeping the globes in a well-ventilated room. This will dry the surface of gloves faster and you can use them asap.
  • Additionally, you can use a hair dryer to get them dry fast.

Vaseline isn’t a toxic chemical for gloves but there are always few things you need to keep in mind to avoid any kind of disaster. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Applying oil or balm on baseball gloves isn’t a task you should worry about. Take a small quantity of oil or balm on your hand, apply it on the cloth, and then apply it on the gloves with light hands. Don’t forget to apply circular motions. 

Yes, you can certainly use beeswax on baseball gloves as it’s an excellent moisturizer and has next-level nourishing properties. That’s why it is considered great to make your rigid baseball gloves soft and easy to handle.

No, you should never use coconut oil on your baseball gloves. Coconut oil will do nothing but harm the fabric of your gloves. Your gloves would never get dry as oil will sit in the fabric of the glove.

Yes, you surely can. You must have one cup of warm water, a few drops of vinegar, and one tablespoon of soap. Damp the small microfiber cloth into the mixture and clean the glove by wiping it down. Wait until it gets dry. 

Yes, beeswax is one of the natural conditioners for gloves. It can be used in small to medium quantities to condition baseball gloves. 


No doubt, baseball gloves need to be soft and moist to get their full potential. Rigid and stiff baseball gloves can’t be used and hence need to break in. You can’t use baseball gloves right after buying them. It is mandatory to reshape them according to your method.

There are a lot of methods and conditioners to break in the gloves but do you know you can use Vaseline to make your leather gloves perfect to use? Yes, that is true. But how to use Vaseline on a baseball glove? I’m hoping you got your answer and understood each step. So, when are you going to use Vaseline on your baseball gloves?

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