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How to Increase Pitching Velocity by 10mph?

Imagine you strike out the opponent team’s best batter with a blazing fastball that none saw coming. The crowd goes wild, your teammates feel proud of you, and you know that you just made a statement. Well, stop imagining, as you can turn this dream into reality with a little effort.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to add velocity to a fastball and become an unreckonable force on the ground. So are you ready to join the ranks of elite pitchers and dominate your competition like never before? Then, let’s get started on your journey to increase pitching velocity.

4 Proven Ways to Increase Pitching Velocity

Improve Your Upper Body Strength

Do you know the importance of power output to ensure quick throws in baseball? It’s one of the crucial factors that have a huge influence on your pitching velocity. However, you must have a strong upper body to get the most out of this aspect.

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Building upper body strength might seem hard, especially if you’re choosing the wrong way. However, you don’t have to work out for hours to gain this power. Doing just a few baseball-related exercises will do the thing for you. Let’s briefly overview them:

Kettlebell Press

This weightlifting exercise primarily works your shoulders, triceps, and core muscles. As the name suggests, you’ll need a kettlebell to proceed with this exercise. You just have to hold the equipment in your right hand and press it overhead. 

This exercise is almost similar to doing a shoulder press with a dumbbell. However, you must perform it under professional vigilance, as improper form or technique can lead to muscle injuries.

Close-Grip Pulldowns

This exercise will majorly target the muscles of your back. You’ll need to pull the bar down from a cable machine towards your chest to perform it. Try to keep your elbows as close to the body as possible. It’ll immensely help you strengthen your upper back.

Medicine Ball Throws

This exercise is very simple, and you won’t need any extra equipment to perform it. You have to stand in front of a wall, hold a medicine ball and throw it as hard as possible. Now, you must be attentive and catch the ball as it bounces back. This movement works on your explosive power, coordination, and upper-body muscle movement.

Add Weight To Your Body

Being too skinny can definitely be an obstacle in the journey of increasing your pitching velocity. It’s highly important for you to increase your body mass if you want to become a successful pitcher.

Pitching Velocity - Add Weight To Your Body
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You can begin by eating at least 500 extra calories to add to a healthy weight. Remember that this process might take longer to show results. However, eating unhealthily to gain quick mass can adversely affect your performance and backfire. Hence, trust the process and let your body do its work.

Additionally, you can also do some exercises to increase your muscle mass. It’ll help you generate more force behind the pitches and throw harder. For example, compound exercises like bench presses or squats that work multiple muscle groups at once can immensely help.

Increase Your Core Strength

You must know that strong upper body muscles alone can’t help you increase pitching velocity. It’s also important to work on your core strength for overall positive outcomes. As pitching demands rotating and winding at the hip, you must pay extra attention to this factor.

Moreover, any experienced pitcher will tell you the cruciality of an active core to ensure high-velocity throws. Now, how could you actually do that? Well, there are several ways to improve your core strength, including


Planks, a type of isometric exercise, will target your core muscles like rectus abdominis, obliques, and transverse abdominis. In fact, they can also engage the muscles in your shoulders, back, and legs.

To perform this exercise, you have to hold your body in a straight line with your arms as a support and maintain this position for longer periods.

Russian Twists

Like planks, Russian twists also target your obliques and your abdomen’s side muscles. You just have to sit on the floor, bend your knees, and keep your feet flat. Now, you must lean back slightly and twist your torso to both sides one by one. 

Holding a medicine ball or any weight while performing this exercise can give better results. However, you can skip this part and just use your body weight.

Resistance Bands

It’s not any exercise but equipment that can greatly help your journey of increasing pitch velocity. The resistance bands come in multiple sizes, lengths, and resistance levels. You can conveniently use them for a wide range of exercises that strengthen your arms, legs, and core. Moreover, they are lightweight and portable, so you can easily carry them wherever you go.

Improve Your Flexibility and Mobility

To increase pitching velocity, you must work on your flexibility and mobility. If you watch baseball matches, you can witness the pitchers exhibiting a great range of motion in their joints. It helps them hit, throw, and field with the optimal intensity. 

When you’re flexible, you can open up your body better and reach more pitching motion range. The additional range is vital in increasing the pitching velocity, at least by 10mph or even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Implementing proper mechanics is one of the crucial factors in increasing your pitch velocity. If you know the right mechanics, you can use your body to generate power and transfer it to the ball, eventually leading to a faster pitch. 

You can do tons of exercises to add velocity to softball pitching, including jumping, bounding, ball throws, long tosses, weightlifting, etc. 

Yes, mental preparation and focus in conjunction with physical training are key to improving the throwing velocity. Moreover, proper concentration is crucial to achieving better control. Without control, you can never be able to increase your pitching velocity.

It’s possible to see improvements quickly, but various factors can influence the outcome. For example, your current physical state, training consistency, and overall approach will play a vital role in the timings.

Be it the upper or lower body, every muscle has an important role in defining your pitching velocity. A few with major focus include shoulder, scapular, trunk, leg, and forearm muscles. You must work primarily on these muscles to get the best results.


We hope that our guide on how to gain pitching velocity fast has made you understand that it’s not some unachievable task. With the right techniques, you can unlock your full potential and become a shining star of your team. From strengthening body muscles to instilling flexibility in your joints, every factor is important to increase pitching velocity. 

So are you ready to surprise batters with your speed? Take action and start achieving your goals today.

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