How to Become a Better Slow-Pitch Softball Hitter

How to Become a Better Slow-Pitch Softball Hitter? 6 Tips

To be a better slow-pitch hitter demands skills and technique. Skill comes with time and a lot of practice and dedication. But hang on and get to know some expert tips and tricks to become a better slow-pitch softball hitter.

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Softball is famous among girls since 85% of the ten million who play softball are women. Additionally, a lot of people prefer softball over baseball. Softball female players are passionate and committed to the game as there are incredible career opportunities for them. 

Without further ado, let’s start understanding the main difference between softball and baseball, the mistakes softball players make, tips on how to become a better slow-pitch softball hitter and a few frequently asked questions.

Key Differences Between Softball and Baseball

Are baseball and softball similar? Are there any differences between both? Yes, there’re. Both sports might seem similar to most of you but there is a set of differences between both.

  • Base Path: The distance between the base paths of baseball is bigger than the softball base path distance. The softball base path distance is about 60 feet, while the baseball base path has 90 feet distance.
  • Throw Style: The throw style of both sports is quite different. Baseball pitchers have an overhand throw style. On the other hand, in softball, players or pitchers throw the ball with an underhand style.
  • Ball Size: Ball size is another big difference between both sports. Baseball players use a ball with a diameter of 9 inches. While, for softball, a ball with a diameter of 11 or 12 inches is used.
  • Outfield Fence: Last but important difference is the distance of the home run fence. In baseball, the fence is between 200 to 229 feet whereas, in baseball, the fence distance is about 300-400 feet.

That’s all about the differences between both sports. What are the similarities? Everything except the above-mentioned points is similar to both games. 

From general rules to players such as catcher, pitcher, infielder, and outfielder, a lot of things are the same. That’s why we can call them siblings.

How to Become a Better Slow-Pitch Softball Hitter?

Let’s get straight into the main topic and get to know game-changing tips on how to become a better slow-pitch softball hitter.

Good Balance

Maintaining a body balance during softball hitting is one of the most essential tips to follow. Make sure you’re distributing your body weight while standing. 

Well-distributed body balance helps you become a better slow-pitch softball hitter. Furthermore, good body balance helps you move quicker for hitting the ball. Also, you have to shift your weight to your back foot while hitting better.


Comfort comes first in all kinds of sports. In softball, you have to be relaxed and comfortable to perform better at hitting. For a softball player, it’s a must to find your comfort spot. Otherwise, our mind won’t be able to pick the vibe and hence you are not going to perform on slow-pitch.

How to Become a Better Slow-Pitch Softball Hitter - Comfort

Strong Hitting

After being comfortable, you need to use power to hit strongly. To achieve this, you need to control your entire body and have a good balance. Without body control, you won’t be able to hit bigger and stronger. 

In addition to that, you need to bend your knees and move forward your front leg while hitting the ball. It’s better to work on your body posture to hit better.

Right Equipment

The right equipment is one of the crucial aspects of hitting a softball. Light softball bats are a way to go as they are easy to control and manageable. Comfort is the key to being a better slow-pitch softball hitter and light bats help you in this regard. 

Additionally, the right kind of uniform and some protective gear can completely change your softball game. So, it’s the right way to go.

Know your Hit

Before going over the board with the hit, you must judge your hit and perform accordingly. Also, don’t be too quick or too slow with your hit. Take appropriate time, judge the situation, and then hit the ball as hard as you want. 

To do so, you have to watch the ball while keeping your eyes on the ball. Practice is going to make you a pro at hitting on slow-pitch.


I can’t stress enough the factor of practice. There’s no better advice other than practice. You must have heard the saying, “Practice makes a man perfect“. That’s true. You have to practice your hits again and again. 

Never neglect a single part of the game. From stance to swing, practice is your true friend when it comes to hitting on a slow pitch. 

That’s all with the tips on how to become a better slow-pitch softball hitter.

Mistakes of Slow-Pitch Softball Hitter-Must Avoid

I’m going to discuss a few mistakes that you must avoid if you want to be a better slow-pitch softball hitter. Have an understanding of other positions and learn from their mistakes so that you can avoid them happening to you. Let’s get into it.

Timing Off

I know the overwhelming feeling when you’re about to hit. Sometimes, hitting timing can go wrong and can make you lose the game. So, learning the correct timing can save your game and help you win. 

The anxiety of hitting either makes you hit too quickly or too slow, this can get problematic in the longer run. All you need to do is keep calm and judge the distance of the ball by keeping both eyes open. Keep your timing correct and you’re all good.

How to Become a Better Slow-Pitch Softball Hitter - Timing Off

Wrong Grip

Is there a thing called proper grip? No there isn’t. But you need to find a comfortable grip while hitting the ball. A wrong or uncomfortable grip on the bat won’t do good to your game. So, work on your grip and find the perfect yet comfortable grip that works for you. 

Having a relaxed grip on the bat won’t let you distract from the ball. Also, you need to have strong and stable control over the bat. That’s why the bat should be lightweight. Don’t go for too tight a grip as this can cause a wrong hit.


Don’t try too hard. A lot of young softball players assume that hitting the ball too hard can help you in the game but it’s not. Going too hard with the hitting as it does nothing but can go wrong. 

There’s no need to rush. Take your time and focus on the ball. Keep both eyes open and hit the ball with the best shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

To increase bat speed, you need to work on your grip and forearm. You can achieve control and a better grip over a bat by working on your forearm muscles. Do some hand exercises to be better at it.

Every position in softball has a different level of difficulty. But the pitcher is one other hardest position in softball. There is a lot of pressure on the pitcher as he controls the entire game.

Softball is not the hardest sport out there but certainly, it’s one of the hardest sports. A Lot of factors make this sport hard. Such as the distance of the field, reaction time, speed of pitches, and much more.

Indeed, running is the easiest skill in softball. Additionally, it’s one of the mandatory skills that every softball player should know.

Women. Yes, women play softball more as compared to men. According to statistics, 86% are female softball players. Whereas, only 13% of men play softball.


Softball is all about fun and thrill. There are certainly a lot of opportunities to pursue this sport as a career. So, it’s important to become a better slow-pitch softball hitter for dedicated players

Keep your calm while hitting and continue to practice your hits. It will help you get somewhere, for sure. I made an effort by compiling a blog post on how to become a better slow-pitch softball hitter. Make sure to follow each tip and one day you’ll become better at hitting.

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