How Many Baseball Games in a Season

How Many Baseball Games in a Season?

Ever wondered how many baseball games players need to play in one season? You must have thought if you’re passionate about baseball. The question seems straightforward but the answer isn’t as easy. Let’s get deeper into the details and get to know how many baseball games in a season. 

Typically, there are 162 games in one season of Major League Baseball. But there’s a chance of playing fewer or more games due to some reasons. Baseball teams have to make up games in case of delays due to rain or other weather conditions.

Are you shocked to hear about several baseball games in a season? It might seem a lot to newcomers but there’s always a chance to play fewer or more games than 162.

When I was young, I got extremely resentful knowing that there are a total of 162 baseball games. I didn’t know about other factors and regulations. That’s why, I tried my best to give a detailed answer. This blog post will help you understand situations where it’s possible to play fewer or more games than 162. Here you go.

How Many Baseball Games in a Season?

To put it simply, there are a total of 162 games that each team has to play. This means, 30 baseball teams have to play a total of 2430 total games in a season. But it was not always like that, before 1961, each team of the National League and American League had to play 154 games in one season.


When did they extend the number of games? During the start of the baseball season in 1961, the American League extended the number of MLB baseball games and added 8 more games to the schedule. After that, the National League jumped into the race and added more baseball games in one season. That’s how the number of MLB baseball games became 162.

How Long is the MLB Season?

It’s quite obvious that 162 baseball games won’t end in one or two months. So, how long is the MLB season last? Let’s get straight into it. 

A normal MLB baseball season starts in late March or early April and lasts till late September or early October. This means a typical MLB season lasts for six months.

How To Calculate the Total Number of MLB Games?

Here’s the calculation of the total number of MLB games, in case you’re inquisitive. 

=Number of games × numbers of team.



A total of MLB baseball games ÷ 2 teams per game.

= 4860/2.

= 2430 total games.

Why So Many Baseball Games?

The reason behind the large number of baseball games are the following:

  • Baseball is a non-contact outdoor sport and it needs less physical strength.
  • A large number of games help teams distinguish impactful players from average ones.
  • There’s a chance to play multiple times with each team.

Is it Possible for a Team to Play Less than 162 Games?

Yes, it’s certainly possible for a team to play fewer games than 162. This section will state a few situations when teams can play fewer games.

Is it possible for a Team to Play Less than 162 Games


Weather is the most common reason for teams playing fewer baseball games. Most of the time, games can be delayed because of rain or other extreme weather conditions. In such cases, they try to make up the game by scheduling a doubleheader as soon as possible. But, there’s always a chance of canceling the doubleheader game if the team is always out of town. 

If both teams are available and have a break in between then it’s possible to play the delayed game. Other than that, the game will be canceled out and both teams will get to play 161 games or even less in some cases.

How Can a Team Play More Games?

Although a 162-game season is itself pretty long and can be tiring, in some cases, teams need to play more games than 162. It happens seldom but it does happen. Here’s how.


After playing 162 games, two teams have to play one more game because both can get tied for a postseason position. Both need to play a game called a tiebreaker game. The game can eliminate the loser team and send them home. While the winning team will move forward with playoffs. There’s only one case when a team needs to play more games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Baseball was always a sport that has been played in consecutive games with the same opponent.  It helps the team to save time, develop advanced strategies, save travel money and enhance the rivalry charm between both teams.

There are a total of nine innings in a baseball game.

In general, one MLB baseball game lasts for 3 hours and 6 minutes.

The longest game of MLB in the history of baseball is 26 innings. On May 1, 1920, the game was between the Brooklyn Robins vs the Boston Braves and it went for almost four hours.

Final Thoughts

To put the conclusion simply, the number of baseball games is 162. But there’s always a chance of extending or reducing the number of games because of different scenarios as per the weather or other factors. 

I hope this blog post helped you get the answer to the question, “How many baseball games in a season?”. Additionally, I tried my best to make you understand the situation that can happen to extend or reduce the number of baseball games.

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