How Do I Stop Being Scared of Fast Pitchers

How Do I Stop Being Scared of Fast Pitchers?

One of the biggest problems we hear from young hitters in baseball, how do I stop being scared of fast pitchers? That fear of getting hit goes from that age all the way up through high school and college. They’re always looking for answers for how to overcome fear while batting. 

Parents’ most common question about their kids playing baseball at the age of 7 to 8 is how to overcome the fear at home plate. Moreover, fear can stop them from playing with their potential and negatively impact their performance.

So, keeping these things in mind, we’re writing this article that can help young players to get rid of their fear of baseball phobia and uplift their self-esteem. If you or your kid is looking forward to facing your fear, read this article.

How Do I Stop Being Scared of Fast Pitchers? – Tips

Everyone is looking for the answer of how to overcome the fear while batting but have you ever thought about what could be the reasons behind this fear or how it’s caused? The fear of getting hit’s  common among young players, especially batters. 

It can happen due to several reasons, which can include:

Injury Risk

The first and foremost reason for having fear can be caused by the high-speed delivery of pitches. When a high-speed ball comes towards a batter, he fears it’ll hit him and cause injuries like concussions, broken bones, or damage to the organs. This can happen due to the nature of the body to protect itself from any harm.

What is the reason behind playing Fear of getting hit in baseball

Previous Experiences

The fear of getting hit by a batter can be imposed due to the previous traumatic experience. If players have faced any head by a pitch in any previous matches, it can cause anxiety and fear. These past experiences include witnessing a teammate get injured on feel or getting hit in a sensitive area.

It can leave a lasting impact on a player’s psyche and make them more cautious in the batter’s box.

Experiencing Pain and Discomfort

Another reason for the fear of getting hit’s  that the player fears that he’ll experience discomfort and pain. The injury might not be severe, but the psychological factor plays an important part in contributing to their fear.

Lack of Control

The lack of control while batting can increase the fear and anxiety of the batter. When a pitcher throws a ball with high speed and accuracy, the batter feels like the ball is approaching at a very high speed and lacks control over the situation. This increases anxiety and leaves very limited time to react, and can cause him fear.

How to Overcome Fear While Batting?

Many players face this fear of getting hit while betting and question themselves and how to overcome fear while betting. Overcoming this year while betting can be quite challenging, but if you try the right techniques and mindset, you can win over your fears and give your best performance on the field.

Here’re some tips that you need to follow in order to come your fear while batting in baseball:

Build Confidence Through Practice

The key to overcoming fear is building confidence through continuous practice. The more you focus on practice, the better your batting skills will be. A player feels confident in the batter’s box when he’s prepared well.

Players can build this confidence by improving their technique, timing, and swing skills. The more time you spend, the more you become comfortable and confident in your abilities, and your fear will start to fade away.

Visualize Success

Visualization is another important tip that can help players in overcoming their fears while batting. So, before you step into the box, take a moment for yourself and visualize that you’re successfully hitting the ball. 

Visualizing the positive outcomes can help reduce fear and anxiety and build a sense of belief in your abilities.

Stay in the Present Moment

One of the most important things that you players need is to stay in the present moment. Past failures and traumatic experiences can trigger the player and cause fear. 

So, it’s better to focus on the present moment, and there will be fewer chances that you will give in to your fear and be more prepared to react to the pitch effectively.

Develop a Routine

Another important tip is that players must develop a routine that will help them create comfort and familiarity with the situation. This routine may include taking a few practice swings or adjusting your batting gloves.

A consistent routine can provide players with a sense of control and stability, helping alleviate fear and anxiety.

Positive Self-Talk

Positive self-talk is very important in building a positive mindset and giving potential performance. Take time before going to batting and give yourself a positive pep-talk and replace negative thoughts and self-doubt.

Motivate yourself with convincing phrases like, “I am capable of hitting this pitch,” “I am confident in my abilities,” or “I’ve trained for this moment.” You will overcome fear and enhance your trust in yourself by reinforcing positive attitudes.

Embrace Failure as Part of the Process

If you face any failure as a batter in baseball and it has caused you anxiety and fear, then embrace yourself as a part of the game and move on to giving your best in other games. No matter how skilled the player is, everyone faces failures and setbacks. So, instead of fearing failure, see this as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Seek Support and Guidance

If your batting phobia continues in spite of your efforts, seek assistance from trainers, colleagues, or sports psychologists. They can provide important insights, methods, and support to assist you in addressing your concerns.

How to Overcome Fear while Batting: Drills to Practice

Apart from the psychological factors, if you’re looking to overcome fear while batting in the field, there’re  several infield drills you need to practice to build confidence and improve your skills.

Soft Toss Drill

If you’re looking forward to getting rid of your fear while batting, then practice the soft toss drill. This drill practice will allow you to get better at swing mechanics without getting scared of the ball’s velocity. 

Get help from a friend or hire a coach to practice this drill. As for practice, your partners must stand 10-15 feet away from you and toss the softball toward you. So concentrate on doing solid hits to increase your tosses and uplift your confidence.

Tee Work Drill

The tee work drill involves hitting a stationary ball off a batting tee. This drill practice plays a vital role for batters; it allows them to focus on their swing mechanics and develop a consistent swing.  

The Tee work drill will enhance the batter’s timing, hand, and eye coordination by practicing and without thinking of facing love pitching. It can also help to identify their mistakes and be in control, which can help improve game performance.

Infield Rundowns

The infield rundown is a drill for fielders which can help them build trust in themselves regarding their ability to field ground balls and make quick, precise throws. They need to make up cones or bases in order to imitate a baserunner and practice fielding balls on the ground while moving sideways.

Shadow Batting

Players who’re  afraid of getting hit by the ball should have shadow battings. It means Practicing your shots without a ball to focus on correct technique and footwork. Batters and pitchers practice on the field like they’re playing in a real match.

Shadow batting drill gives an opportunity to batters to analyze and refine their technique without the pressure of hitting an actual ball. Also, it helps in developing muscle memory, hand-eye coordination, and confidence in your batting skills.

So, by Practicing shadow batting regularly, you can enhance your overall batting performance and reduce your fear or anxiety when facing live bowling or pitching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can improve your reaction time by practicing drills like facing life fitting or using a reaction ball. it’ll  help you to accumulate faster reflexes against the first picture.

You need to experiment with different batting stances and find which one works best for you. However, some players prefer a slightly open stance or shortest stride to react quickly against fast pitches.

To overcome the fear while betting, you need to prepare yourself by wearing appropriate protective gear. Also, you need to practice drills, focus on the pitcher’s release point, and trust your ability to avoid getting hit.

Yes, there’re  drills available that can enhance your ability to handle fast pitching. These reals include the front toss drill and soft toss drill. Tee work drills or live pitching with gradually increasing speeds can help you adjust and build confidence.


If you’re a baseball player struggling with the fear of facing fast pitchers, then no more thinking of how to overcome fear while batting because there’re several things you can do to overcome this fear and improve your performance in the game. 

Moreover, try working with a coach or sports psychologist to create a plan to help you develop trust, overcome your fear, and improve your performance.

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