How to tell if your child is a athletically gifted baseball

How to Tell if Your Child is Athletically Gifted Baseball? 

Is your 4 years old munchkin showing interest in baseball or sports generally? Now the parent must channel this interest into something bigger. But you can never be sure if that interest is temporary or can be transformed into a passion. So, how to tell if your child is an athletically gifted baseball player?

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Well, your kid can inherit sports or baseball interests from your partner or you. The interest might not make him become an athlete or an impactful baseball player. Although, you can make him physically robust and mentally confident enough. 

Still, there are chances that your little athlete can achieve something bigger in life. That’s why, here’s the detailed answer to the question, how to tell if your child is athletically gifted baseball? This guide will help in understanding the physical and mental attributes of baseball athletes.

Mental Attributes of Baseball Athletes


I can’t stress enough how important confidence is for becoming an impactful baseball player. Your kid must be confident enough to stand on the field while smashing hits. It is almost impossible for an under-confident child to be an incredible baseball player. 

There’s a minor chance that an average confident child can show extraordinary performance in baseball but it won’t be permanent. His performance can decline as soon as he’s gonna hit failure. Consequently, he’s going to be one of those kids who will struggle to gain confidence all his life. It’s recommended to tackle such kids with attention and care. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to mold his fears into immense success. 

Confidence is one of the most important mental attributes of a baseball athlete. If your little one has confidence in his game, he’s going to be great in his game. Additionally, make sure he’s not overconfident as it’s going to ruin his attitude. Your kid must have that confidence factor in his behavior to be a baseball player who’s born to be successful.


Every baseball player must keep in mind that nothing comes without commitment and determination. If your kid can’t handle failure or is too short-tempered, then baseball might not be for him. Baseball is a sport that requires a huge mountain of determination and dedication. Why is that so? For instance, for 200 hitters, you’ll happen to get 2 hits every 10 at bats.

Someone said that there are no excuses or crying in baseball games and he said it right. Your kid needs to be dedicated enough to take all the failures positively and learn from them. A child with determination can gain baseball skills when someone puts effort into them.

Learning Curiosity

Baseball isn’t just about hitting or catching a ball. There’s so much more than that. Baseball players need to learn techniques, rules and so much more to get to the next level of the game. Kids have to learn and focus on a lot of details to excel at the baseball game properly. 

If your kid is great at learning new things and curious about getting maximum information regarding rules and tricks then can become one of the most impactful baseball players.

Learning Curiosity - Child is Athletically Gifted

Handle Criticism

The baseball journey isn’t full of success. Whereas it’s a bumpy road with a lot of hurdles and criticism. There’s not a single baseball player who didn’t get yelled at by a coach. Nobody can learn baseball without yelling and criticism so your kid should know how to take yelling and failure most positively. 

A child with gifted skills can take criticism well and turn it into motivation to be a better player. Also, a gifted child will focus on his mistakes and try to learn from them. If your kid is scared of yelling and can’t handle criticism then baseball is certainly not for him.

Leadership Skills

It’s quite obvious that not every player needs to be captain. Moreover, all players aren’t vocal or expressive when it comes to communication. But baseball players must have some leadership skills so that they can take their team out of difficult situations.

Also, an impactful baseball player can transform the environment of the locker room and give the right motivation to another player as well. So, leadership and communication skills are two of the most important factors your kid must have to become that impactful player.

Physical Attributes of Baseball Athletes

Balanced Body

A balanced body is one of the most essential physical attributes of naturally gifted kids. As we all know, baseball is all about jumping, running, and throwing, all of these activities need a sturdy and balanced body. Without a balanced body, your kid can’t even dream of becoming a baseball player. 

In addition to that, baseball revolves around shifting body weight from front to back and back to front. Also, you have to be attentive and act accordingly to play the baseball game to the fullest.

  • How to Test?

If you want to know whether your kid is athletically gifted by God or not, hopscotch is the test game you can consider. Hopscotch is one of the simple games that require body balance to play perfectly. Analyze your kid while playing Hopscotch.

Strong Legs and Arms

There’s a lot of running and throwing going on in baseball games. So, kids should be gifted with robust legs and arms. In baseball, legs are supposed to generate power so hip and thigh muscles should be strong enough. Observe your kid if he’s gifted with solid legs then he can become a great player. 

Talking of arms, throwing hits, and throwing the ball at the target are other important tasks of baseball players. Missing the target too much can hurt the game and can even make you lose the game. So, if your kid misses a target too much then baseball isn’t the game for him.

  • How to Test?

Well, there are no particular tests for checking the strength of the arms and legs. The only way you can analyze your kid’s leg and arm strength is to watch him while throwing and running across the baseball field.

Physical Attributes of Baseball Athletes

Hand-Eye Coordination

Can your kid become a better baseball player without catching the ball perfectly? No, right? That’s why hand-eye coordination is a factor we can’t ignore to check in a kid. A lot of kids become pros at catching the ball during the tee ball phase. But, on the other hand, non-gifted kids can never be good at catching a ball which means he’s not good at baseball.

  • How to Test?

To check whether your kid is gifted or not, you should often play catch with your kid. If he seems to catch the ball softly and effortlessly, then there’s a chance for him in baseball. If catching makes him a bit tired and he needs effort to sync with the ball then he needs a lot of practice to be better at it.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want your kid to be an athlete, you just do the following things:

  • Encourage him and tell him to follow his passion.
  • Allow thinking out of the box.
  • Provide him with unconditional love.
  • Never push too hard.
  • Don’t force anything on him.
  • Teach him how to win gracefully.
  • Teach him to accept failure gracefully.

You can’t force baseball on your child. It’s better to check this interest and then help him achieve his passion. If baseball is your kid’s passion, then you must encourage him to practice again and again. Practice, dedication, and determination can help your kid be better at it.

Answering this question isn’t as simple because genes play a special part here. Both parents contribute to DNA which influences a kid’s life. So, genes from the mother and father play an important part in this regard.

The gifted child started showing signs at an early age. Most of the gifted kids show signs between the age of 5 to 8 years. Also, observing parents can tell even at the age of 2 years.


Raising a child is one of the most challenging tasks for a parent. Parents have to observe the interest of their children and utilize them correctly. Your kid’s slight inclination toward sports can make him a good athlete. Is it so? 

Parenthood can be overwhelming, especially if your kid is showing interest in sports. 

Baseball is a kind of sport that demands dedication, passion, and countless practice sessions as well. I hope my little effort of writing this blog helped you get a detailed insight and you got the answer of the question, how to tell if your child is athletically gifted baseball? I’m hoping now you know what to do and what not to do.

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