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BBCOR vs USA Bats – Differences You Need to Know

Every baseball player must have wondered about the difference between BBCOR and USA bats once in a lifetime. It’s quite normal to think so and have questions in mind. Picking the right kind of baseball bat is a crucial step for every player. So, it should be done right. For that, knowing the difference between BBCOR vs USA bats is a must. 

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Both of the bats seem similar but have different certifications which make them suitable for different games. What does that mean? This means that baseball bats come with certain certifications which make them legal to play at a certain level.

Let’s understand this at a deeper level and have the required knowledge of BBCOR and USA bats. So that next time you get the right bat that suits your game level.

What is a BBCOR Bat?

The BBCOR is a term for “Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution.” The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) developed this guideline in 2011 to control how non-wooden bats function. 

BBCOR bats do not hit the ball as hard because they have a lower “trampoline effect” than other bats. BBCOR bats have a 2 5/8-inch barrel diameter and a -3 drop weight restriction. 

This means that the barrel diameter of the bat cannot be larger than 2 5/8 inches and that the weight of the bat cannot be more than three ounces less than its length. Typically, college and high school leagues use BBCOR bats.

Conditions for BBCOR Certification

The BBCOR standard has a few specific rules. A BBCOR bat needs to fulfill the following conditions. The bat will not receive the BBCOR certification if they are invalidated.

  • The barrel diameter length of the BBCOR bat should be at most 2 ⅝”.
  • The bat might be 36 inches long at its longest.
  • A drop weight of -3 is required.
  • A bat performance factor (BPF) of less than 0.5 is required.

What is the USA Bat?

The USA baseball bat is the standard used by amateur and youth baseball players. This standard of the bat was proposed in 2018 by the amateur baseball governing body, USA Baseball.  This allows justice and maintains the integrity of youth baseball. 

If the bat you have chosen to buy has the stamp of the USA bat, it means that your bat has been tested in the lab and approved for youth baseball. The main purpose of the USA bat is to prove that non-wooden bats can also perform like wooden bats.

Condition for USA Certification

There are a few requirements for giving a baseball bat USA certification.

  • Such as, 2 ¼ inches to 2 ⅝ inches diameter of the barrel is allowed in USA bats.
  • All other barrel sizes won’t be acceptable and can’t get a USA certification stamp.
  • Also, the BPF shouldn’t be higher than 1.15.

Difference Between BBCOR and USA Bats

This section is all about the main and important differences between BBCOR and USA bats. Every player must know these points before buying a baseball bat for them.

Difference Between BBCOR and USA Bats


A difference every player must know is leagues. Both bats are suitable to play in different leagues. You can use the USA bat in a league that doesn’t accept them. So it’s mandatory to get a suitable bat for your league.

  • BBCOR Bat: BBCOR bat certification is required to play in the following leagues: National Federation of High School Sports (NFHS), National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and most of the travel tournaments.
  • USA Bats: Following organizations accept USA-stamped bats: American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC), Babe Ruth Baseball, Little League Baseball, Cal Ripken Baseball, PONY Baseball, NABF, Dixie Youth Baseball, and Dixie Boys Baseball.

Barrel Size

As we mentioned earlier, the barrel size is a  BBCOR bat shouldn’t exceed 2 ⅝” inches. Also, barrel size is one of the main factors for BBCOR certification. 

On the other hand, the barrel size of a USA bat can range between 2 ¼ – 2 ⅝ inches. It should be noted that a few leagues don’t accept barrel sizes bigger than 2 ⅝ inches.

Bat Size

It’s quite obvious that USA bats are smaller than BBCOR bats. As long as drop weight is concerned. This section will make sure you understand it perfectly. 

The weight drop requires an explanation. The length-to-weight ratio of baseball bats is another name for drop weight. A minus sign (such as -3) is used before indicating it.

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What does it genuinely mean to drop weight? It is the variation in the length and weight of the bat. In this case, a bat with a 33-inch length and a -3 drop weight is referred to as weighing 30 ounces. A bat has to keep a drop weight of -3 to maintain BBCOR certification. If the bat lacks this, then the BBCOR certification can be rejected.

Let’s discuss the drop weight of the USA bat. There’s no specific limitation or restriction for drop weight in USA bats. Nevertheless, a common drop weight in USA bats is -5, -8, -10, -12. So, players get the bat that suits their needs.


What about Bat Performance Factor (BPF)? BPF refers to the trampoline effect of a bat. The trampoline effect allows the bat to be more effective to play. A BBCOR bat must not be exceeded 0.5. Whereas, a USA-certified bat should be 1.15.

Frequently Asked Questions

Young baseball players should use the USA bat to make their game better. The ideal age for youth players to use USA bats is between 8 to 15 years. Leagues such as intermediate baseball and Junior league baseball division follow the strict rules of USA baseball.

The height, weight, and strength of each player will determine the length and weight of their BBCOR bat. To find what feels comfortable and enables the finest swing mechanics, it is vital to swing various lengths and weights of bats. Getting advice from a coach or experienced player can also be beneficial.

Baseball played in high schools and colleges requires BBCOR bats. However, some adult and younger leagues also allow their use. Confirming that a BBCOR bat is permitted under your league’s rules and regulations is crucial.

A lot of factors are involved in switching to BBCOR bat. Such as, skill level, strength,  and height. But generally, kids switch to BBCOR bats at the age of 13-14 years.


Would you buy a luxurious and fancy car that’s not legal to drive on the roads? No, you would never because what’s the point of spending money on such a car? That’s exactly the case with baseball bats. You must know that your bat needs to be certified by a concerned organization. 

A baseball bat without any stamp is not allowed in any kind of league. Make sure you got a baseball with the required stamp. What bat do you need to play in a league? Is it BBCOR or the USA? Make sure you know the main difference between BBCOR and USA bats. 

That’s why I compiled this guide so that you don’t have to struggle to know the difference between BBCOR vs USA bats.

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