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BBCORhitter, the Baseball Encyclopedia, is trying its level best to make a difference in the baseball community by providing honest and biased reviews about baseball equipment. Our dedicated team works day and night to analyze the best BBCOR supplies including BBCOR bats, baseball gloves, baseball cleats, and the right information about the game. 

Anyone can start a baseball journey but becoming an impactful and competitive baseball player demands perfect gear and the right information. BBCORhiter team is devoted to influencing baseball players with the most suitable baseball equipment for their level.

How Do We Review Baseball Gear?

We make sure to get baseball equipment analyzed by multiple hitters. Our biased reviews make the evaluation procedure much easier. We make sure to mention major details about the baseball products including important specifications, drawbacks, and heart-winning features. 

To review BBCOR bats, our team of hitters keeps the following features in mind such as barrel size, swing weights, material, ball cannon testing, and other important features.

About Author

Bryce June, a 45-year-old, graduated in Sport Management from a reputed University in California. He has always lived for sport, that’s why he started playing different sports when he was 7 years old. He started playing soccer and baseball at a young age. He started gaining interest in baseball and became captain of the school and college teams. His main position has always been 2nd Base and played the game with his heart. Bryce has been a coach of the college-level baseball team and transferred his knowledge to the team. Now, he’s writing for BBCORhitter and doing his level best in his writing.

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